One Day with My Mother

I was in the state of rewiring the circuits of my brain and guarding my thoughts was my game as my mother was having litany for the second time on her ill feelings towards some cousins, some members of my family including me and some years back.        I returned home for good and with the reason to be near to my mother whom I thought was lonely with our eldest brother who is sometimes hard to please. I used up some of my hard earned savings to build myself a tiny house adjacent to the main house and to make the backyard look more decent.    I was inside when I heard sounds of scrap and irons and woods threw from somewhere to somewhere and then my mother was murmuring about a mess in the back yard (our backyard has full of junks actually).  This the second time. When things like this happens I have learned to keep cool otherwise chaos would loom.  I was listening to her murmurs. She got upset over the bundles of firewood my brother has just ordered. And when I peeped out I could se…

My Macrame

Macrame is defined by Wikipedia is a form of textile-making using knotting rather than weaving or knitting. Years ago a friend taught me how to do it and from then on I started my own craft. I made shoulder bags and pouches for friends. Because the work takes time and effort I just do it as a hobby, and eventually a passion.
That was years ago and one unfinished worked was uncovered when I made some renovations of my bedroom. And I am hooked at it naturally. I started it long time ago and have to finish it.

I'm Home

No place like home. It has been four months but I get by.  On my own.  I had my tiny house adjacent at the back of our main house.  I had my small kitchen, small home office, and small room. I have a tiny puppy which would become a small dog. Stock market is not so good at this time, but I get by. I went to alumni home coming became one of the board members.  On Mondays I have my church voluntary work. Other days I'm home just fiddling with my computer.

Have You Seen Her Dress?

It was late in the afternoon, we went downtown for Marivic's Hawaiian dress.  I overheard her saying that she has no attire yet for such so I suggested that we go out earlier downtown to skirt for the required fashion.  While inside the mart we went on our separate ways first because she said she will have to select herself.  I went on my own looking for something good but not for myself since I already have one.  As I went inside Joemil's I spotted among the hundreds lined up an orange floral design.  So I grabbed it and really thought that this is really something nice.  Then later on Marivic came to where I was and said holding her cellular phone to show me dresses of flower designs for me to look at before she buys.  I looked at it for the sake of compliments but have to grabbed her around and lead her to the orange dress.  And she looked at it in amazement, and without much ado she snatched it and fit it then that's it.  Couldn't wait to wear this beautiful dress …

Are You In for the 30th?

For ladies who want something grand and elegant for the 30th anniversary celebration it would be mind boggling.  The long gown, the Hawaiian attire and some bags and shoes to match the occasion.  If you live in a city where people of different culture meet and greet, where shopping malls from low end to high end are just a ride away or walking distance from each other, thinking of fashion is not a hassle.

SM City offers high end things and so does Robinson's Place.  Then there is Gaisano City over there, and some other high end boutiques around.  Mary Mart is a place to go around.  Thinking all these things the word budget is the key.  If you really want high end then no problem.  You can swipe with all your might or you can design according to your taste or to the taste of Geneveve G. or whoever. But if budget is the only key word then there are plenty to choose from and one is in Mary Mart.  I found mine at Joemil's inside Mary Mart.  This peach flowered long dress, long gow…

Ready for the 30th

Okay, fine I am definitely attending the 30th anniversary of TSKI, it;s going to be fun for lots of reasons, and one of the reasons is the place which is in the famous island of Boracay.  The venue in particular is the Boracay Echo Village where the Miss Earth of 2008 was held. The Echo Village roofing was severely damaged by typhoon Yolanda in 2013 but was restored few months after.  By now it's not just the Echo Village which was restored but the entire island's establishments as well.  Boracay is famous for its long white beaches, famous for night beach life with the fire dancers anywhere, setting aside controversy fine hotels and fine dining are just pictures of developments.
Another reason to be ready for the 30th anniversary is to receive my loyalty award, my 15th year of service.  I have not received the most outstanding BM nor most outstanding AM award over the years but being a part of this great organization is enough.  Rising from a lowly field worker to become part…

Iloilo Interlude

Living in Iloilo City is just like living a home away from home.  And loving the place is a very easy thing to do.  The place is not just exciting but interesting as well.  Going around Jaro District is enough to embrace the depth of the place full of rich history and seat of past royalty.  Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral which is the Parish of Our Lady of the Candles was built around 1874 by its first Bishop of Jaro Mariano Cuartero and in  front of the Cathedral across the street is the historic belfry which survived the earthquake Lady Caycay of 1948 when the whole country was repairing itself from the damages brought about by the second world war, the Jaro belfry was repaired in 1956, now standing still preserved and adored.